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  • Invoice issuance
  • Interest billing
  • Collections
  • Lien application
  • Title company / realtor interaction
 Financial Management
  • Pay all monthly bills
  • Provide bonded third party services -
    limiting exposures
  • Manage secure (lockbox) deposit
  • Manage dual signature check process
  • Check payment processes
  • Maintain financial databases
  • Establish key financial thresholds -
    ensure budget compliance
  • Provide financial institution resources
  • Prepare and file annual report
  • Prepare annual budget 
  • Provide bid preparation and service
  • Prepare annual tax returns
  • Audit -finances, dues compliance, etc
  • Establish monetary checks and balances
 Issue Resolution
  • Field & resolve incoming issues and
  • Create & distribute pre-approved
  • Ensure compliance with municipal,
    county and state laws
  • Coordinate acivity with city inspectors
    & government officials
 Property Management
  • Evaluate common property--offer
  • Digitally catalog common property,
    monuments, pools, parks, etc
  • Manage maintenance of common
  • Distribute new resident welcome
  • Attend association meetings
 Covenant Compliance
  • Provide routine drive-through and
    individual issue reviews
  • Review reported violations--present
  • Prepare & distribute newsletters, event
    calendars, reminders, etc
  • Compile & produce resident directories
  • Develop & maintain association websites
 Government Interaction
  • Liaison with municipal, county, state
    government agencies
  • (City Staffs, Sec. of States., Dept. of
    Revenue, etc.)
  • Liaison with elected officials
  • (City Officials, Planning/Zoning
    Commissions, School Boards, etc)
  • Identify membership needs for
    committees, boards, projects, etc
  • Solicit residents for volunteer assistance
 Election and Proxy Assistance
  • Prepare & distribute ballots, proxies,
  • Manage ballot process (tallying and
    result certification)
  • Distribute required notification,
    elections results, etc.